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Putting Together Your Band - It's a Passion, a Marriage and a Business -
Some Band Business Tips

Putting together a band is something that you always take seriously for the obvious reason - it's got to gel and you got to sound great!

But I have seen many bands, some of them with huge potential, break-up because of everything from personal issues to professional issues.

I have seen band members leave a band right in the middle of a deal because their wife got pregnant or they hated the manager or even because they think that they are the reason why everyone else got signed.  Yea, arrogance has been a huge noose around the success of some bands. 

In this video I talk about the things you need to talk about with potential band members to avoid most of the pitfalls of members bailing out on you.

From my own experience, I bailed from a band because it was a creative difference that happened about 2 years into the process.  The lead guitar player wanted to bite the styles of other successful bands I said now way. 

After some in-fighting, we took a band vote and I got booted.

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