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In The Royalty Game There Is A Slice Of The Money Pie that Goes To The Original Writers Of A Song

As if it wasn't complicated enough, there is a separate royalty that writers of an original song get.  At the current rate as of this date (9/1/08), if you own all the writers that's $.04 per unit and various amounts form media play.

These royalties are paid out only by the Performance Right Organization that you have joined.  that being said, in order to get paid your song had to have had been played on a publicly broadcasted facility.

Back in the day this was a heralded piece of the pie that became diluted after the advent of the internet and digital downloading.  I remember just getting a song on an album guaranteed you some money.

However, it's still a very important part of the royalty game and if you wrote a track that's on TV or radio, you might be in for a pay-day.....that's if you have registered with a PRO.

In this video I talk about the many different ways the writers percentage gets money in your pocket.  If you get a track on TV, that could really be a killer pay out.

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