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So You Want To Submit Your Music To Major Radio?

Okay, you have to give me a little room for playing around.  I do have a sense of humor and so should you if you want to submit your song to major radio.

I'm not saying in this video that you're never going to get added to a major radio play list but it most likely is not going to happen until you have a heavy hitter (label, promoter) backing  your play.

But there are some way that you can get a sing play or a small window of play for special events.

There are other ways to get radio support (different than being added to rotation) by unique promos and trade deals.

Radio is beginning to suffer and they are looking for ways to keep the listener tuned in.  So look for localized events and other things to get you exposed over the radio.

Focusing on the smaller radio markets is going to be your best bet.  And I mean LOCAL - like towns and small communities under 50,000 in population.

Oh, and let's not forget probably some of the most influential radio, NPR and College. But you better believe that even they are getting flooded with acts sending in their CD's.......what to do.

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