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If Your Music Is Out In The Public And Getting Support On Radio Or Played On TV you Get Paid

As well, there are many other ways to receive royalties like I mention in the video.  From sheet music, TV, radio, to theaters and bars, Performance Rights Organizations (PRO's) collect a license fee which gets distributed to publishers and writers of original music.

Notice that I didn't say artists, band members or record company.  the only people that get paid form these PRO's are the publishers and writers.

This video is a real basic slice of information on how it works - for now.  Joining one of these PRO's is essential to receiving any kind of royalty if your music is played over a publicly transmitted medium.

They DO NOT pay for royalties from sales of CD's or digitally distributed/sold songs from any digital distribution sites.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  In the USA  there is ASCAP and BMI.  One is for profit and the other one is not. I one better than the other? Some say yes.  I say do the research.

Unfortunately the pay-out system is very difficult to measure so you should also do yourself a favor and ask around as you gather information on which is best for you.

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